Thomas Lang


Drummers everywhere hail Thomas Lang as a force of nature.

The legendary sleight of hand – and feet – of this Vienna-born master sticksman is virtually unequalled on the scene.

Packed shelves full of international “Drummer of the Year” awards pay tribute to his eminent status.

Hosts of artists have relied on his phenomenal playing – including Falco, Peter Gabriel, Robbie Williams, Asia and Paul Gilbert, to name just a few. Every one of Thomas’ releases, from solo albums to teaching DVDs, raises the bar higher.

His latest album, “Progpop”, takes catchy hook-laden songs and lavishly piles on complex drum licks and heavenly grooves.

The masterpiece was recorded in his Los Angeles studio, now equipped to state-of-the-art level including KLOTZ products.

Lang chose our top-of-the-range M5 plus TITANIUM instrument and mic cables. We’re delighted to welcome Thomas Lang to the #KLOTZfamily as a further top international artist!

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