Sunghyun Kim


I have been playing guitar for 20 years. Like everyone else, I have tried many amps, effects, and guitars out of curiosity about sound. The same goes for cables.

The importance of cables to those who handle electronic musical instruments cannot be overemphasized.

Decades ago, when my curiosity about sound reached its peak, I experienced a lot of factors that affect the sound of a guitar and tried everything that others liked.

Through these experiences, I have established my own sound and settled down with the brands and products I use, and recently I came across KLOTZ cables.

The KLOTZ cable made me want to re-record all the sounds that I have recorded. I can’t imagine how much better the results would have been if I had worked with the KLOTZ cables earlier.

The sound transmission, resolution, and sound pressure were the best of any cables I’ve ever used, and I never thought that such a cable could exist.

I’m glad that I found it before it was too late. Since then, I have replaced all the cables in my studio with KLOTZ cables, and have recommended it to musicians around me.

I hope they use a good cable as soon as possible so that they can record the music in the best condition.

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