Irene Ketikidi

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Irene first picked up a guitar at the age of 15 – and she literally hasn’t put it down since. She’s a working musician in the truest sense of the word, bringing her six-string artistry to live and studio performances in a host of projects spanning pop, country, hip hop and melodic metal.

She also demonstrates her versatility in the tribute bands “The Femones” (The Ramones) and “Back:N:Black” (AC/DC) and in musical productions from “We Will Rock You” and “Thriller Live” to “Julius Caesar”.

To nurture this versatility, Irene studied at the Philippos Nakas Conservatory in Athens in her homeland of Greece before heading to London in 2007 and immersing herself in the music scene there. She holds a Bachelor of Music from the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance.

Irene not only provides musical services for others; she naturally also presents the fruits of her own musical creativity. Her debut album “Martial Arts & Magic Tricks” showcases her virtuosity while giving prominence to great melody hooks and grooving riffs.

Irene is supported in her career by instrument and accessory manufacturers, for which she gives demonstrations at major music trade shows. She passes on her knowledge and skills in columns for the websites Live4Guitar and Guitar Interactive. And in all these projects, her cables of choice are KLOTZ.

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