doBass (Youngjun Do)


Korean bassist Youngjun Do, also known as DO BASS, has become a force to be reckoned with, not only in his home country’s music scene.

He is known beyond the borders of Korea for his catchy and infectious funk and jazz grooves, which are often able to carry a song independently or give every track the fresh cheer or deep atmosphere it deserves.

Working as a professional bassist and composer since 2005, DO BASS has gained quite a chunk of experience throughout his musical career.

He has been able to take home several top rankings in music competitions, including the Grand Prize MI Competition and the Top Band Contest by the TV and radio station KBS.

The accolade as a musician came in 2013, when DO BASS became the live and session bass player in the band of Korean pop icon Lee Moon-se, THE No.1 in the domestic pop market.

Alongside numerous national tours, this collaboration enabled him to perform on international stages, including the USA, Canada and Australia in the course of the “Concert Of Korea” tour.

Besides outstanding talent, the gear side also has influence regarding the quality of his sound. In order to achieve the best possible result, he went on a quest.

Reflecting about the bass sound in music and expanding his understanding of sound production by starting to test different microphone preamps, bass amps, stage boxes and cables.

“I learned how important the first cable from the guitar to the pedalboard or audio interface is for the bass guitar sound – that’s when I came across KLOTZ cables.

The KLOTZ TITANIUM delivers exactly the sound I envision, precise and unadulterated to the pedalboard and mic preamp. The post-recording and live monitoring results are also excellent.

If you are looking for high-end cables for musical instruments, KLOTZ TITANIUM cables are highly recommended.”

With his KLOTZ cables of choice, DO BASS looks forward to all future gigs and session jobs with confidence, knowing that every fine detail of his bass playing will be captured and given its own place in the music – present, clear and unadulterated.

We are proud, to welcome the top bass player of South Korea to the #KLOTZfamily.

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