Steffen Knauss

Whatever direction Steffen Knauss’s musical activities take, KLOTZ cables are always part of the team:

“Studio or live, double-bass or 5-string, festival stage or club gig – I know I can always rely on KLOTZ cables. They’re fantastic!”


It seems that Steffen Knauss has always lived by the maxim of “Practice makes perfect”. In 1987, at the age of only 17, he went to Los Angeles – mecca of the music business – to attend a summer camp for bassists organized by the Musicians Institute of Technology. After finishing school he returned to L.A., this time to the equally renowned Grove School of Music.

Back home Steffen applied himself to his music and to Business Management studies, well aware that marketing and PR are valuable assets for professional musicians.

His skills stood him in good stead when he joined forces with his wife and brother to run a music café for seven years.

When Lee Mayall, nephew of blues legend John Mayall, came knocking on the hunt for a new bassist, he was happy to oblige.

Now Steffen is involved in a slew of jazz bands as well as live and studio projects, and also tours with the up-and-coming young Ulm-based guitarist Yasi Hofer and her band. Other areas of focus are video soundtracks and video tutorials for an online music school.

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