David Kalmusky

“To create a welcoming and collaborative atmosphere for artists to work in, I went through my collection of guitar amps and pedals and set up my personal “desert island rig” composed of my favourite amps, pedals and cabinets.

Before I discovered KLOTZ Cables, I had used high-end cables from a competing brand to connect this rig. But after setting up a “cable shoot-out” – involving only the cable from instrument to amp – I discovered KLOTZ Cables and replaced everything with KLOTZ. The difference was anything but minor – it was significant and audible.

KLOTZ … not fun to say … but fun to play!”

– David Kalmusky


David Kalmusky is a Nashville producer and guitarist whose award-winning work includes platinum recordings, Top 10 hits and Grammy nominations.

He’s worked in the studio with Journey, Justin Bieber, John Oates (Hall & Oates), Emerson Drive, Vince Gill, Small Town Pistols, Jimmy Barnes, Neal Schon and over 100 more artists in the past ten years.

Kalmusky was involved in the planning and establishment of Addiction Sound Studio in Nashville/TN, working with acoustical consultant and sound engineer Chris Huston (Led Zeppelin, The Who) and studio owner Jonathan Cain (Journey, Bad English).

He operates his own exclusive production location within the studio complex.

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